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Dr. Marie Viaggi

For more than 20 years, Dr. Marie VIAGGI has practiced General Medicine, adopting from the start a preventive vision of health

Passionate about physiology, her skills were quickly reinforced in Nutrition, Climatology & Hydrology, Aeronautics & Space Medicine, Hyperbarics & Diving, Tropical Medicine, mostly in a multicultural environment.

Her international experiences have taken her to isolated, hostile sites, where operational, disaster medicine and life-saving emergencies come together. At the same time, she was a referral doctor for the navy in Paris, an assistant doctor at the Val de Grâce hyperbaric chamber, and a referral doctor for aircrew.

Dr. Marie VIAGGI has worked with Europ Assistance as Medical Director alternately in Asia and Africa where she managed on & offshore medicine, regulation of air medical evacuations and general medicine for expatriate families.

On her return to France, she worked in a center dedicated to expatriates and took up a management position at the EFS.

Having moved to Brittany, she set up her own practice, while continuing to work as a reservist doctor at the Pôle de Balard in Paris15 and at the CPEMPN at the HIA de Percy hospital.
She is also a volunteer firefighter doctor in Finistère.


Aeronautical Medicine

Consultation, personalized medical follow-up of aircrew in their function and in external operations,

Control and regulation of physiological constraints in flight

Organization of an air medical evacuation 

Study and preventive actions on workstations on an air base 

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Competence in medical fitness for scuba divers

Piloting of session in an oxygen-hyperbaric chamber.

General and family medicine, with a focus on nutrition
International & Offshore

Aptitude OEUK / Offshore,
Issuance of certificates of non-contraindication to work for expatriates and their families,

In an international context:
- anticipation and control of a health emergency,
- stress and emergency management,
- defusing a human and environmental crisis.

Tropical Medicine

Knowledge of a hostile environment.

Planning of physical conditioning (advice, hygiene, prevention and vaccinations),